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Bembala Foundation

First Drop Change Foundation has an on-going collaboration with Bembala Foundation, an organization that supports women and child survivors of violence and abuse. In our endeavour to use the power of Applied Theatre to create spaces of dialogue and enablers of social awareness, we have partnered with Bembala Foundation in their stellar work. 


In November 2023, First Drop Change Foundation provided the power of Theatre to explore the topic of Safety in public spaces. Through a Forum Theatre performance - 'The Blind Eye', we looked at the bystander effect - how they can help, what might be stopping them, what are the creative ways to intervene, and more. This was done for different audiences - students of Vydehi medical college and residents of a large gated community.

In December 2022, we did a street play, to raise awareness against gender based violence. This powerful messaging unfolded in front of an audience right in the midst of a popular mall.


Both these projects were done as part of Bembala's 16 days of activism against gender based violence. 

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