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First Drop Dialogue

A Podcast by First Drop Change Foundation


S1E00. First Drop Dialogue – The Curtain Raiser

Check out the trailer of our first ever podcast from First Drop Change Foundation


S1E01. Beyond Disabilities – A Paradigm Shift

Meet Grace Lee-Khoo from Access Path Productions, Singapore and come, let’s together try to think and see people beyond their disabilities.


S1E02. Being Inclusive – What Does it Take?

Does the question overwhelme you? Its not that tough to answer. Well, let’s figure out that in this episode.


S1E03. Neurodiverse World – An Exploration Through Art

How does your inclusive duniya (world) look like? And what are you doing to create that? Let’s talk to Pooja Sharma, who runs an Instagram comic strip called Naina’s Inclusive Duniya, and let’s explore the neurodiverse world.

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